Instagram for the Traveling Writer

Being a traveling writer is an exciting occupation. You get to do what you love the most and travel at the same time; visiting different cities, experiencing different cultures, and eating different foods. People can only dream about the places that you travel and would love to follow you on Instagram to live their dream of travelling through you. You can also benefit from Instagram because the more people follow you and your travels, the more popular your work gets, and you may receive more business prospects. Below we will show you some create ways to gain followers for your Instagram page.

Visit more than the typical sites

Everyone knows the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and other iconic sites; but what about the sites and places that they don’t know that could be just as exciting. Ask the locals about other grand sites or just go exploring, and document everything that you found pleasurable. Discover old taverns that no one knows about, a grand theatre that has been standing for hundreds of years but is not well known, or a hidden cave. Try to find a unique discovery everywhere you go your followers will really appreciate it. When people find or learn something new from your post they will tell their, thus gaining you more followers

Make a game out of it

If Carmen Sandiego was your favorite character as a kid and you always wanted to be her, now here is your chance. People love to test their knowledge and will be excited when trying to figure out where you are or where you are going next. Take a picture of anything you want and provide clues on where you might be. Give a brief history and ask people to guess. People who are really into traveling and history will love to follow you.

Link your Pictures to article posts

If your pictures and travels are interesting enough, people will love to read more about your adventures. The more followers you receive you may get more business prospects from travel journals, blogs, and magazines who are looking for traveling writers for their publications and reputation among social media.

Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers has many benefits. You gain credibility for having so many followers. People are more likely to follow you with a 1,000 or so followers rather than just having 100 or 200. If you buy them for the right company you gain real followers and profiles, without having to worry about breaching your user agreement on Instagram. They will do all the work for you so you can focus more on your writing. If you have enough likes and followers on Instagram you can also gain publicity on Instagram’s main page. Instagram is one of the best tools out there to gain more publicity, readers, and followers of your work. Consider buying Instagram followers and finding even more creative ways to gain followers. The benefits you receive afterwards will be worth all the work.